Built For Runs With No Room For Error

Navigate narrow streets and tight turns with the LTC 75-HD. Compact and maneuverable, LTC™ aerials deliver the highest level of performance in the toughest, high-run urban and suburban environments.

Built on a wheelbases as short as 209”, the LTC 75-HD still delivers 75′ of vertical and 66’ of horizontal reach, a 500-lb. tip load rating, dry and while flowing 1,500 gpm with 100 lbs. (45 kg) of equipment at the tip. The overall height is as low as 10’ 8” allowing this aerial to easily navigate low fire station doors, bridges and overpasses. Available with and without a pump and tank, the LTC HD-75 features ample and low enclosed ladder storage that promotes quick, safe removal and easier handling for up to 190 feet  of ground ladders